Friday, January 8, 2010

Annual Catchphrase Extravaganza

aka: New Years Eve

(david had a little too much sparkling apple cider!)

in some 36odd hours, we had 3 davids, 2 ashleys, 1 lauren, 1 leah and 1 walt...

Ashley, or as we lovingly refer to each other, Pickle, and her David spent the night over Christmas. It was incredible to have the two Pickles together again, even if only for a few hours!!

Some friends from Asbury stop by each Christmas when they are traveling thru NC to visit families. This year, they got to actually spend the night (we normally just stop for coffee), and it's funny to me that I only took pics of their sweet baby girl, Morgan! Well, there's one pic of Ashley, but poor DP, no pics of you, man!

Lauren and Shayne treated us to Biltmore in Candle light for Christmas! It was super special and we loved having this time together.

*merry chrismtas*

Christmas x6
Christmas Eve with Momo

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