Monday, August 24, 2009

*happy birthday, sawyer*

ah, sawyer belue. my favorite little boy on the whole planet. how on earth can one little person make so much joy in the world?

saw's birthday party was last weekend...he is a big 3 year old now, and has moved up to the 'big kids class' in the Child Enrichment Center at Long's. (he has a cubby and everything, of which is is extremely proud!). he is going to be a big brother soon and is just growing up so fast. i love my little nephew so much! i praise God for the blessing of being able to be such a big part of his life. i know it's a rare thing that an aunt gets to be sooo involved, and i'm very thankful.
here are some pics from his party at the rec. center:
saw's actual birthday was on the thursday before the party, and amanda asked me to go to Ghost Town with her and saw and our little friend bella wren. it was such fun! amanda took lots of pics, so if i can snag some from her i'll post them. i hadn't been to ghost town since i was little. Papa used to take me a lot, just me and him. those are some of the best memories i have from Papa. i got to tell saw all the things that Pop and I used to do there, like when we rode up the chair lift Papa would tell me about all the bears in the woods, and we'd look for them. saw rode the chairlift up with me (which petrified me and thrilled him, btw), and when i told him this particular story he said 'ooo, i bet Papa Caudill shot them bears! them bears is bad guys, right?'. i laugh at this kid more than anthing.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So, for the 3rd or so year in a row, we've found abandoned kittens on the playground at Long's Chapel. In years past we've taken them to the vet's office to be treated and good homes found. This year, we got instantly attached...well, Miss Shannon and I did. We took them in to Sawyers 3 Year Old class, and a little boy pointed at the black kitten and said 'Look, guys! It's Coconut!'. This was so random and made us all laugh, until Saw, having of course to the be class clown, looked up at the brown one and said 'And that one is um...TOOTanut!' (Saw has a thing for bathroom humor, I think it's a boy thing). So, I let the brown kitten be named Tootanut, since Saw didn't get to name his baby sister like he wanted, haha! Anways, I ended up bringing Tootanut home, and I am fervently praying that Ruby will adjust and be ok with her. So far they have had two meetings, and Ruby isn't extremely interested. Toots, on the other hand, is very very interested in Ruby. Here are some pics from our new little family of 4 ;)

Miss. Shannon with Dulce (formerly known as Coconut) and Tootanut:

Cats and Mouse...

Toots is a climber:

'Oh, look! I have a foot!'

'Pick me up!'


Ruby is unimpressed, and Toots likes to snuggle Rubys back feet...

That's amore!

Three's Company...

Toots first night home...So thirsty and we don't even have a bottle!

Drippy Chin McGee...
Helping me cook:


2 a.m. Feeding on the first night:

Chick Wranglers...

Caleb and Megs came over for the day last last play day of goofiness before school began for another long year. They finally got to see the chicks, who are growing like weeds, by the way. They were hysterical trying to catch them, running all around the yard like a couple of hoodlums. I loved it! We called it Chick Wranglin! It was such a relaxing, wonderful day, with the two kids I love the most in this world! Here are some pics from our day:

Caleb, so contemplative, thinking of the chicks...
Ruby made a new friend! Um. Or not?


The chick tryin to flap away...actually caught this on video, its pretty funny. I'll try and post it laters...

Ahh. Such sweet children!

Bounty Hunter Megan, tryin to find the chicks (they were under the shed at this point):
A Chick Wranglin we will go...

Tryin to figure out how to switch...

Hehe...silly boy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

bridgette and kristen

This weekend two of our close friends from Asbury came to visit. We started the weekend off right with a cookout, and Lauren, Shayne and Avery Jean got to come too. I love Avery Jean and was super glad we got to hang out a little before the girls arrived:

Look at me! I can sit on my own!
Woops! Spoke too soon...I toppled over!

Peek-a-boo is my favorite game and my dress is the perfect way to play!

Bridgette and Kristen looooved the baby chicks, who are growing super fast, by the way.

Let's go to the lake!